Lincoln Extended Warranty

Lincoln Extended Warranty -
Contained Financing Program

The Lincoln Extended Warranty-contained Financing Program of Lincoln Automotive Financial Services is a unique financing program crafted specially for you. Through this program, Lincoln offers the customer flexibility on their financing needs, money management, vehicle extended warranty, and a peace of mind.

By financing your vehicle through this program, Lincoln will extend your manufacturer warranty for another year, or 20,000 kilometers after the initial manufacturer warranty expires. Our professionally trained technicians, combined with Lincoln’s genuine parts and accessories, will deliver additional confidence to your ownership experience.

Lincoln EW- contained Financing Program provides a variety of combinations of different terms and extended warranty products. Choose the product that best suit your needs based on funding needs, future payment plan, and your driving habits. Each Lincoln EW product contained will have different coverage depending on the financing program you choose.

With a small addition to your monthly payment, Lincoln will offer you a long-term, worry-free and more enjoyable ownership experience. A little does goes a long way with Lincoln Automotive Financial Services, it’s just other extension of the Lincoln Way.

For the detailed information on the extended warranty product contained in this program, please contact Lincoln Dealer or Lincoln call center hotline 400-988-6789

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    [1] The legal entity of Lincoln Automotive Financial Services is Ford Automotive Finance (China).

    [2] To us, a true luxury financing experience is one where no needs go unmet and no questions go unanswered. So if you have any questions or concerns about financing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at: 400-820-5071 (landline or mobile) and 800-820-5071 (landline) from Monday to Friday (except national holidays).

    [3] ACTUAL PRICES AND PAYMENTS MAY BE DIFFERENT due to local rebates, specials, fees and credit qualifications. Please consult your dealer for actual vehicle price, payments, and complete details of financing programs.

    [4] Actual down payment amount and credit approval conditions are based on the credit decision of Lincoln Automotive Financial Services.