lincoln service

Lincoln Puts You First

Lincoln may have begun nearly a century ago, but everything we do starts with you. We have always been about 

designing vehicles and experiences completely focused on the needs of the people who own and drive Lincolns. 

From styling and technology to performance and safety, every element of a Lincoln is designed with a focus on the driver’s and passengers’ experience. But that experience begins long before you even get behind the wheel of a Lincoln. 

Custom Test Drive

The test drive is an extremely personal part of choosing a car. So instead of following the same, standard route that suits the designed to suit yours? We get to know how you`ll use your Lincoln and what`s important for you to test out and then we customize your test drive route for you. So you can get the answers you need, not just a drive around the block.


Delivery Suite

When you take delivery of a Lincoln, it`s not the end. In fact it`s just the beginning of a relationship – not just with your Lincoln vehicle, but the people at Lincoln. So every technology an personal feature is already configured and adjusted exactly how you want it, and your dedicated service team will be there to commemorate the moment and see you off in style (whatever your style may be).

delivery suite

Loaner Car

When you`re without your Lincoln, Lincoln is still with you. You can avoid being inconvenienced when your vehicle is in for service or repair by just making an appointment with Lincoln Loaner Car service.

Loaner Car

The Lincoln Way

Lincoln is built for relationships, not transactions. Because Lincoln is about your experience.