People, Lincoln`s most personal configuration.

Get to know the team who are devoted to getting to know you. Taking the concept of “one-to-one” service up several notches to “many-to-one”, all our staff are intensively trained at the Lincoln Institute Lincoln to personally serve your needs from the moment you first visit us until long after you become a Lincoln owner.

Lincoln Hosts, Masters, Craftsmen, Doormen, Ayis and every other Lincoln staff member will truly listen, anticipate your needs, and deliver the kind of special attention and VIP customer service that makes every Lincoln experience feel made for you. 


You don`t get a second chance to make a first impression. So the Lincoln Doorman is there to do more than just open the door for you. He opens up the entire Lincoln experience with courtesy and a warm welcome – even by name, if it`s not your first visit.



You may not even notice the Ayi as she takes care of your need`s, but she makes herself well aware of what matters to you: From your preferred tea and how you like it to everything else that could make your experience more comfortable and enjoyable.



Your dedicated contact from your first moment with Lincoln, the Lincoln Host is focused not on sales, but on building a relationship with you. The Host will be there to guide you throughout the process, making sure you`re always taken care of, and custom-designing your entire experience to best suit your needs and interests.



Like a bespoke tailor, who perfectly fits you with a Lincoln automobile instead of a fine suit. The Lincoln Master is your dedicated resource for all the information and recommendations you need, personally guiding you throughout your sales and purchase process.



Your contact for any and all maintenance needs. The Lincoln Craftsman is much more than a mechanic – he`s there to listen and help with all the explanation you may need up front, providing the highest level of both car service and customer service possible.


The Lincoln Way

Lincoln is built for relationships, not transactions. Because Lincoln is about your experience.