Lincoln Way

For nearly a century, Lincoln has created some of the finest cars ever made. Its revolutionary designs, incomparable
craftsmanship and innovative technologies have set the standard of what a luxury automobile could – and should – be.

As Lincoln comes to China, we’re also bringing something new:
A promise to value you as much as we do our vehicles.

Because we believe that when you buy a really great luxury car, you deserve
more than just a really great luxury car. You deserve a luxury experience.

Our goal is to truly understand your needs, and to do whatever it takes to enhance every facet of your Lincoln shopping, buying, and ownership
experience. We welcome you by name. We listen. We value your time, and your opinion. We treat you with respect, honesty and transparency.

Because the Lincoln way isn’t just about our history and building magnificent automobiles. It’s also about the future and building long-
term relationships. It’s about trust. Exceeding your expectations every step of the way. And creating meaningful, memorable experiences.

Most of all, the Lincoln way is about you.


It is a symbol that has mattered for a century.
It is a philosophy of putting you at the center of everything.
It is the experience of having your needs come first.
It is a journey that is now in China.

Every (Family)

Every line.
Every feature.
Every gesture.
Every moment.
Is designed for you.